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im glad nyongtory exists


[Happy Birthday, G-Dragon! 180888 - 180814]

GD is an artist creating himself.

" It has to be like that (experimenting/taking on challenges) because, all this is about ‘Narcissism’. This has nothing to do with being humble. I know what I’m the best at. But I still want to do something different because it’s fun for me. Even though I’m really good at something, it’s boring for me to do the same thing every time and it’ll be boring for people who are listening to me. Every time I work on something, fun comes first. Whatever it is I think if you have fun doing it, the other things will follow. Albums sales or ranking on charts aren’t important. People only look at the score and think like, ‘He’s done now’, ‘He went too far’ but I bet Kanye doesn’t even care. That’s the same for me. When I release an album, I won’t have any regrets if people don’t like it. Because I did what I wanted to do." — GD (Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Interview, March 2014)

top and psy really feeling gangnam style

even they can’t deal with psy.

what on earth is going on here..